Good nutrition is critical for people living with HIV/AIDS. We view it as an essential co-therapy to medical management of HIV. Eating well can help:

  • Prevent or delay the loss of muscle tissue or “wasting”
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce viral mutations
  • Decrease the incidence and severity of opportunistic infections and hospitalizations
  • And, lessen the debilitating symptoms of HIV/AIDS

BAS offers nutrition education and counseling to people living with HIV/AIDS. We also offer cooking and juicing classes  that are designed to teach HIV positive people to prepare balanced meals that maximize nutritional benefit and minimize negative food/drug interactions.

Our pantry program distributes food packages for HIV positive people each month, including emergency provisions to those with immediate needs. Staff and volunteers prepare dried and canned goods, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and salt- or sugar-restricted packages each week.  

Enrollment in the BAS Nutrition and Pantry Program is through agency referrals and limited to people who are HIV positive who live in the Bronx. 







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