The BAS Go Girl (Girls Outreach: Groups Improve Resiliency Learning) program provides young women ages 12-17 with constructive alternatives to unprotected sex, substance abuse and “street life.”

Go Girl Risk Reduction Activities include:

  • group sessions focusing on HIV prevention, safer sexual practices, substance abuse awareness, teambuilding and leadership and communication skills (3 times per week after school for 12 weeks)
  • creative writing sessions where the girls can express their feelings as a substitute for negative or risky behavior (twice a month)
  • Saturday field trips where staff, Peer Leaders and program participants spend the day together on outings geared towards building healthy relationships (monthly)

Peer Leadership Training

Girls who want to stay engaged in the Go Girl program can begin Peer Leadership training. Go Girl Peer Leadership includes training on:

  • peer education, presentation and communication skills
  • how to speak to peers about HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, STIs and adolescent health
  • conflict resolution and alternatives to violence 

The Go Girl Theatre Program

After receiving training, the Peer Leaders can join the Go Girl theatre group, where Peer Leaders develop and conduct performances and interactive workshops for their peers in local schools, youth programs, after-school programs and faith-based organizations. 


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